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Tuesday 30th September 2014 – 7.30 pm
The Golden Age of French Cinema
L’affaire Est Dans le Sac = It’s in the Bag 

L’Affaire est dans le sac is an anarchic comedy that tells the story of a bored millionaire who is kidnapped in error. The kidnap is organised by a hatter, and the gang have problems when the millionaire begins to enjoy his position – he is no longer bored. Meanwhile, life goes on all around them – people are too busy exploiting one another to care about a kidnap. Paying homage to the American comics the surrealists admired, L’Affaire est dans le sac is also very much an agit-prop drama that emerged from the environment of the October Group.

The surreal humour did not find ready acceptance at the time and the film was not given a commercial release but subsequently gained classic status as the best of the three films resulting from the collaboration of the Prevert brothers.

La Tendre Ennemie = The Tender Enemy 


Directed by Max Ophuls. Written by Ophuls and Curt Alexander, based on the play,L’Ennemie, by André-Paul Antoine. / 1936 / 66 min / 16 mm


During a party celebrating her daughter’s engagement to a man she does not love, Annette is taken through her past life; her three dead lovers have become acquainted as ghosts. A stylishly mounted comedy in which Ophuls has softened the misogyny and cynicism of the play. Suffocating family life, rather than the woman, becomes ‘the enemy’.


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